REPRESENTATIVES across the political spectrum have hit out at Scottish Labour over a decision to drop their candidate for Glasgow Kelvin for comments made in support of a second independence referendum. 

Hollie Cameron received the news that the party's Scottish Executive Committee (SEC) decided to withdraw support for her candidacy in Glasgow Kelvin at the upcoming Holyrood election. 

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The executive committee of the Glasgow Kelvin Labour Party slammed the decision, calling it "undemocratic."

A statement read: "The executive committee of Kelvin Constituency Labour Party held an emergency meeting today to discuss the SEC's decision to withdraw the party's endorsement from Hollie Cameron and impose a new candidate on the CLP." 

"We wholeheartedly condemn this undemocratic decision and call for the SEC to reverse this decision immediately."

The local party has now released an open letter in support of Hollie's reinstatement which has attracted the signatures of over fifty Labour Party members so far including Craigton Councillor Matt Kerr.

Ms Cameron has also received support from former Labour MP for Midlothian, Danielle Rowley who tweeted: "It’s a sad day when we’re booting out young energetic women candidates because they’ve expressed a long held view. Solidarity to Hollie."


Representatives from the SNP also spoke in support of Ms Cameron.

Councillor Christina Cannon for Springburn and Robroyston said: " I think if people want to support independence or a second vote on the matter but also want to be a member of Labour then that’s fine too. They should be able to.

"But the new leadership of the party seem to be making that an impossible position.

"I admire people who try & change policy & position from within parties. I also respect people when they realise they’ve done all they can and prefer to go elsewhere." 

A spokeswoman for the SNP said: “Anas Sarwar has failed his first test of leadership, by making it abundantly clear that any Labour supporters who believe that the people of Scotland have a democratic right to choose their own future are not welcome in his party.

“That explains why people across Scotland have given up on Scottish Labour - voters just can’t take them seriously anymore.

“It is the people who live here who should decide what kind of country Scotland should be - not Boris Johnson - and Labour’s dismissive attitude towards that democratic right won’t wash with voters.

"The only way to give people in Scotland the right to choose their own future and put Scotland’s future firmly in Scotland’s hands is by giving both votes to the SNP in May.”

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Scottish Labour maintain that support of Ms Cameron was withdrawn because they were not satisfied she would vote with a Labour whip. 

A spokesman said: “Hollie Cameron was not able to satisfy an SEC interview panel that she would follow the Scottish Labour group whip if elected as an MSP, and the SEC panel has therefore withdrawn their endorsement of her candidacy, meaning that she is ineligible to be a Scottish Labour candidate. Arrangements will be put in place to fill the vacancy promptly.”