I HAVE concerns over what the aftermath will be following the Old Firm game on March 21.

I will be shocked if supporters of both sides resist the urge to gather outside Celtic Park.

I hope the authorities and the police are planning ahead and ensure a “ring of steel” is in place around the stadium to prevent any potential scenes of violence.

Keith Peters

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I AM a football neutral, and I say let the Rangers fans have their fun.

Vandalism is of course disgraceful, but otherwise, most people out yesterday were celebrating a well-earned win for their team and haven’t had much else to enjoy this year.

To my knowledge, there were no big spikes in cases after BLM protests or the scenes outside Parkhead last year for nine-in-a-row or the anti-Lennon protests.

I note that the SNP faithful were much kinder with their words on those incidents.

Could it be the brazen Union Jacks on display that ruffled their feathers so?

Let’s everyone cool down a bit.

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GLASGOW City Council ... welcome to our world after an Old Firm game.

Maybe now you’ll take some action for the residents around these stadiums but somehow I doubt it because there’s too much personal interest in these clubs.

Get your act together and implement the parking restrictions proposed years ago now.

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I WANT to discuss bin collection changes.

I am very angry about this decision. That’s why I want to raise my voice against this move.

As you know, Glasgow City Council increases council tax almost every year but services we get in return for our money decrease every year.

I personally pay £346 per month for council tax. I want to know why the service has changed from two-weekly collection to three?

I give you just a simple example for you of poor service.

I have moved to this property in 2018. Since then I have requested four blue bins – you know why? Because of poor-quality lids which were broken after a few months.

If the council bought good-quality bins, it wouldn’t need to replace them so often.

This is one example of wasting money. The council should think twice about where it is spending our money. Please pay attention towards your local issues. Because of this Covid pandemic, everyone is suffering financially and health-wise as well.

Shivraj Kaur

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