WHAT’S that phrase about airing your dirty laundry in public?

It came to mind to me after I wrote last week’s column about a customer doing a runner and not paying their fare.

I mentioned I had experienced this misfortune just twice in 10 years – well, here is the other instance.

It was back in the autumn of 2014, not long after the Commonwealth Games had taken place in the city, when everyone was on a real high.

At that time it seemed like we were all enjoying ourselves a little more than normal, the impact of the Games perhaps surprising us – in a good way.

In complete contrast to the here and now, 2014 was a great time to be driving a Glasgow Taxi – not just the level of trade, but the diversity of customers and the general mood of all in and around the city.

Once such happy customer was the 30-something lady I’d picked up in Byres Road on this memorable autumn evening.

It was clear she’s had a few scoops – which always livens up the conversation – however, I absolutely did not see what was coming next.

“Bearsden please driver, just after the cross,” she slabbered. Always a decent hire.

The few scoops were having an impact as she almost nodded off at Canniesburn Toll but we made it to Bearsden in good time and then the unforeseen happened.

She told me she didn’t have cash (or cards, bit strange after a night out, first alarm bell) and asked if she could nip up to her flat and come back with the money.

She reassured me by telling me she would leave her bag in the back of the cab while she went.

Fair enough, I thought. And waited. And waited. And waited...

Until 10 minutes had passed and I thought, she’s either fallen asleep – or not coming back.

So I went round to the back of the cab and checked out the bag … it had only one item inside.

I’ll give you three guesses? Nope. Nope. Nope.

It was a pair of knickers!

I couldn’t believe it. Didn’t see that one coming. All I could do was drive off with my tail between my legs and hand the bag and hidden item into lost property.

Then write about it seven years later!

Stay safe.