MUCH has been written about and speculated on in regard to concussion in sport especially football and rugby. Many sad stories of dementia have emerged, the most recent being Gordon McQueen.

Strangely though there is a sport whose aim is to actually cause concussion, preferably unconsciousness and/or to cause enough damage to the body that the opponent cannot continue: i.e. boxing.

Allied to that are the efforts to cause enough bleeding around the eyes or mouth that the opponent cannot continue.

I appreciate that there is a large amount of wealth in the world of boxing especially with regard to gambling and that the individuals involved do have loads of influence.

Is this why boxing does not appear to be part of any investigations?

B McKenna


I DON’T think anyone was surprised at the disgraceful, dangerous and selfish exhibition at the weekend by Rangers fans.

As it was deemed a potential minefield if the police had attempted to break it up, it seems that the only solution to prevent a re-occurrence is to ban the imminent Celtic vs Rangers match. It won’t affect the league but will send a message to the rest of the footballing community.

Come on, Nicola – to use your own words, “Save Lives”.


East Kilbride

SO the powers that be are giving £100 million to Glasgow Life.

What are they thinking? There are more important things to spend it on, like the cleansing department picking up rubbish, fly-tipping, and as for the roads, they’re an utter disaster. There are more potholes than on the moon.

It’s time this council were sent packing. I’ve got a good mind not to pay my council tax this year.

Robert Cadden

Via email

WHAT is the SNP playing at? Free travel to kids under-22? Is it not enough free travel for the over-60s – now this.

What happens to the people aged 22-59? Are they going to be paying for all this?

Time this was stopped. They start work after they leave school, let them start paying for fares. If this does go through, there should be restrictions on it. As the free over-60 bus pass should be moved up to 66.

People are still working, so that would help put money back into travel and infrastructure hopefully.

D Lambert