NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday addressed claims she has a “secret hairdresser”, while providing an update to those desperate for a trim.

Appearing in front of the Scottish Parliament’s Covid-19 Committee, the First Minister and chief medical officer Gregor Smith gave evidence on issues from vaccination to the country’s easing of lockdown.

During the session, Cowdenbeath MSP Annabelle Ewing asked the First Minister if she could provide a solid date for the reopening of hairdressers.

It is currently hoped that when Scotland moves towards a levels system, currently planned for April 26, hairdressers and barbers could reopen.

The First Minister has said that there will be no delay “any longer than is necessary”.

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon addressed the 'secret hairdresser' claimsNicola Sturgeon addressed the 'secret hairdresser' claims

She told MSPs: "I'm not able to give you the date.

“I can give you absolute 100% assurance though that I will not delay our ability to visit the hairdresser any longer than is necessary.

"I'm saying that out of pure self-interest as anybody looking at me can see."

She went on: "There are still conspiracy theories that circulate on social media from time to time that I've got a secret hairdresser somewhere.

"I can say firstly that is not true, but secondly I don't know why anybody looking at me right now can reach that conclusion.

"No hairdresser is responsible or would take responsibility for this. So, hairdressers, just as quickly as its possible to do."

The First Minister previously said in parliament that she hoped to ease lockdown restrictions sooner than expected – however this depended on the figures supporting that decision.