SAD to see Auldhouse Park neglected (‘Neglected’: Have Glasgow’s smaller parks ‘suffered’ due to lack of investment?, Thursday).

It was such a beautiful place to spend time with friends and family in my youth – fond memories of having a go at playing bowls and tennis – and making rope swings over the Cart.

Let’s hope there is some investment in the local parks to match the regeneration of Shawlands.

Lesley J Cunningham

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BUILDING these bridges are token gestures as they will be too little, too late to regenerate areas impacted by the decimation caused by Covid-19 (Construction work on Govan to Partick bridge to begin 2022, Thursday).

Bridges are just one small piece of the picture.

We need people to go back out and support their local businesses who are struggling with the lockdown and re-consider their online shopping habits, if they are doing more harm than good to the local economy.

Jill Ferguson

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WITH regards Piers Morgan’s resignation – so much for free speech.

What a pathetic country we are becoming. Make sure you don’t upset anyone.



SO, the Palace has responded to the Oprah interview.

I find it really insulting to the intelligence of the British people for the Queen to say “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much-loved family members”.

Why then did she remove their security and protection and put them at risk?


East Kilbride

WITH regards to the letter this week about the football pitch on Elderslie Street – I have also noticed this over the last year.

The pitch is packed with full-scale cricket matches every weekend. So much for a lockdown.



CATRIONA Stewart and Lauren Brownlie’s article on the mayhem in George Square in Monday’s paper was a breath of fresh air amid the attempts to try to cover up the disgraceful sectarian behaviour which was on show yet again in our city.



WHY is football continuing anyway in a national lockdown?

Shut it all down.

Makes a mockery of all the other sacrifices the vast majority of us continue to make.

I haven’t seen my mother since last August. I haven’t been able to attend my sister’s funeral.

But hey, let’s all gather in George Square and let fireworks off because some blokes kicked a ball around

a field better than other blokes kicked a ball around a field. Disgusted at the lot of them.

Fiona McGregor

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MY family are all big Celtic fans but you cannot take anything away from Rangers and their fans.

I was at the December 2019 Celtic v Rangers game and to my uneducated eye Rangers looked to have got the measure of Celtic.

Celtic did well to come back in early 2020 but I really wonder what would have happened if the March Rangers v Celtic game had gone ahead and Rangers had won (of course, we will never know).

Over the years,

success ebbs and flows,

and today it’s their turn to party.

Edwina Royale

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IT’S time for Scotland and the economy to start healing after Covid.

Forget about another independence referendum, and let’s vote out this useless administration that is the


With a £13 billion deficit to cover from day one and putting up a border with your biggest trading partner, independence is stupidity on stilts.

Sandy Alexander

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ABSURD that Scotland needs to ask England for some of our money to do what’s right for Scotland.

The time appears right to end this once and for all.

David Callaghan

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