IS it too soon to ease restrictions? Yes, and no. Some need eased but not all. As for the vaccination like the flu jag its not a 100% guarantee of not catching Covid-19.

It just reduces your chances of contracting it and minimalises the effect it has on you if you do get it.

People need to understand even after we’re vaccinated it will take years to be at the position where Covid-19 is less of a pandemic, and more of an epidemic. Especially when there are people refusing to be vaccinated. Hence holiday firms offering deals for 2022/2023. We all still need to be careful.

Jill Ferguson

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IN reply to David Callaghan, Scotland does not ask England for money.

The Scottish government asks Westminster, which is the government of the United Kingdom, of which England is a part, for money. The same as say Shetland (Lib-Dem) or Dumfriesshire (Conservative) asks Edinburgh (SNP) for money.

They accept that they are part of a particular body in Scotland, as Scotland is in the UK.

Graham Keddie

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I WILL be interested to see if all Scotland’s airports are actually able to reopen once restrictions are eased.

The travel industry is a mess now and the lack of clarity from the Scottish Government is not helping one bit.

I will be intrigued to see what announcement is made on Tuesday regarding international travel.

Liam Stewart


SANDY ALEXANDER’S letter on independence sums up your average Scots unionist.

They think their own country is too wee and too stupid to look after its own affairs.

Unlike many nations of similar size and outlook of course. Really?



IF the UK Government wants to save money, it should scrap the ridiculous amount of things politicians get to claim on expenses.

Maybe if politicians started using their wages instead of taxpayers’ money, the country would be in a better state!

Julie Jules

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MUCH has been said about Harry and Meghan’s TV Drama but really this is Meghan’s story.

An ambitious young woman with a dream to marry a handsome prince and live in a Palace. Sadly the dream turned into a nightmare but luckily the Prince who loved her came to the rescue and took her to a far off land. THE END. But no, we had to have a final chapter and play it out on the world stage. Do they really want Privacy?


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WHY is the mental health of adults never mentioned by the government?

All I hear is fears about the mental health of teenagers.

I’m not sure if it’s different in other cities around the UK, but I constantly see groups of teenagers running riot around the streets in Glasgow.

So, forgive me if I don’t have much sympathy about youngsters being kept indoors for the last year, as they haven’t been.

If anything they have had more freedom, as their parents have given up, and they get to just roam streets as they please.

Schools being closed has just given them an extra long holiday over the last year.

I feel sorry for the police officers who have attempted to challenge them when they are spotted loitering around our streets.

Isobel Mackie