THE Scottish Government threatens to cancel the upcoming Old Firm match.

Why? If they and Police Scotland cannot control the idiotic bigoted minority they should resign and stand aside and allow someone who can to bring back law and order.

Stop the soft approach. Water canon with slurry will soon disperse them. Arrest them all. Name and shame them.

Scotland has become a laughing stock. We can’t even control our streets.

A Moore


WHILST we are still in a dodgy situation with Covid, anything that involves crowds or potential crowds should be cancelled until it’s safe to do so. Our police are not capable of handling unruly crowds so this game is a no-no...

Liz Graham

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MOST dignified football fans would not wish to deny the right of Rangers fans to celebrate their team winning a major trophy, their first in a decade.

However their team’s success was overshadowed by the conduct of their own fans. If the fans had celebrated within the constraints of the lockdown regulations, that would have been commendable. Over a two-day period with complete disregard for lockdown regulations and the law, thousands of fans gathered outside of Ibrox Stadium and George Square, with the police taking no action against the fans, except for arresting 28 people for non-related lockdown offenses.

It apparently did not register with these fans that by ignoring lockdown regulations, they were putting in jeopardy their own lives, their families and others in the gathering. It can only be assumed that the conduct of the fans was pre-planned, which police intelligence failed to monitor in time.

Judging by the damage to the memorial benches in George Square, it is obvious that the gatherings also attracted certain undesirables. If the fans who took part in the gatherings have a moral conscience, they should pay for the cleaning and the damage caused in George Square.

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LAWRENCE Chaney would be ideal to win RuPaul’s Drag Race UK as they are very funny and have the gift of the gab.

Christine Pollard

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