ILOVE when the Glasgow Times publishes stories about Rangers AND Celtic from bygone eras.

Great legends and names from both sides who did not enjoy the rewards of today’s mostly lesser players.

Articles where we should bury the barbed comments and just let older fans like myself who remember the occasions reflect on them.

So cut the tit-for-tat guys and just enjoy the tales from BOTH sides. We both have had great teams and players over the ages and sometimes just bury the hatchet and doff your cap to good players, good teams and good tales.

Enjoyed the article as I do all these articles. Remember Big Billy’s goal. Couldn’t believe they won it. Had a good run in Cup Winners’ Cup following season as I remember. Keep them coming. And am a bluenose.

Thomas Wilson

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THERE are far too many bikes on our city roads and littering our pavements. Cyclists are a danger to themselves and other road users. Most of them are clueless with no road sense whatsoever.

Jack James


CHURCH people demanding permission to gather are utterly wrong and irresponsible.

I am neither a neutral nor an adversary. I am a practising Christian and I missed Sunday worship exactly seven times in the 53 years up to 2020.

Belief and obedience to God are about prayer and service to the world, not about doing what we like.

Moreover, no-one whatsoever has any right to bring the life God gave them into unnecessary risk. That betrays your neighbour because the risk is indivisible in an epidemic. That betrays the doctors and nurses who have no choice about risking their lives. Worship and pray at the kitchen table. Or on a mountainside alone if you can walk that far.

The Word of God can be found in a slightly chunky book from which you can read a few times a day if you’re inclined.

Tim Cox

Via email

IT’S unbelievable that people could stoop so low and steal life-saving defibrillators (Man and boy charged with ‘stealing life-saving defibrillator’, GT online).

The same thing happened outside the Viceroy Pub in Govan when not just one, but two were stolen.

The punishment of those who do this needs to be more than just a slap on the wrist. Including CPR training might make them think twice if they understand the value of saving a human life.

Jill Ferguson

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