MANY Glaswegians understand the history and romance of the Central Station clock.

Since the concourse and booking hall was completed in 1882, ‘meet me under the clock’ has been a popular refrain of friends and courting couples…

Celebrities – everyone from Laurel and Hardy and David Soul to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - have sashayed beneath it, many making their way from first class carriages to the luxurious rooms and restaurants of the Grand Central Hotel.

The unsung heroes of the station – its porters and cleaners – have worked tirelessly under its faces and passengers from all over Scotland and beyond have relied upon it for arrivals and departures. Soldiers have waved farewell to their sweethearts below it, as they left to fight in two world wars. The station is full of architectural highlights - the ridge and furrow roof, for example, and the ornate pillars at the Gordon Street entrance.

But the clock, pictured here lit up in red to honour Remembrance Sunday, is the most popular feature of all.

The original four-faced clock, which was 15ft high with elegant wooden framework and a lead-sheathed cupola, was replaced in 1962 but proved unpopular. A copywas put in place in 1992.