AS an ex-shipbuilder who has worked in the docks, it saddens me that the once-thriving Govan docks has been left in a state of disrepair. 

The three docks and the pump house are listed buildings but have sadly been neglected.

The site is overgrown with trees, shrubs and weeds and easily accessible for people to graffiti and cause further damage with no security measures or deterrents. 

The fact that it’s not been looked after and is open for anyone to access, makes it a risk to public safety. I believe that a company called New City Vision owns the land. I would think it would have a duty of care to look after and maintain the site and keep it safe for those that frequently visit.

If the landowner is not willing to take care of it then surely the local councillors/MPs and Glasgow City Council must step in to enforce the clean-up and make New City Vision take ownership to sort this eyesore out.

Concerned Govanite
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THE Scottish Government and football authorities have been in discussions about what to do in regard to this weekend’s Celtic v Rangers derby game. 

They say they are encouraged by both teams issuing stay at home statements amid concerns of yet more chaotic scenes in the city.

All I can say is that people have had absolutely enough of their city being subjected to this vile sectarian abuse. 

Cancel the game, award one point to each team as it will make no difference to the final standings. Then the people of Glasgow can be given a rest from this continuous sectarian bile.


I NOTE Glasgow City Council publishing this year’s budget. 

I think as a citizen of Glasgow they have given money to pointless schemes. 

Owner-occupiers are getting a free handout to fix property owned by them. 

A £2 million war chest and the councillors don’t know what to do with it. 

Glasgow Times: Susan Aitken Susan Aitken

The simple things should be done first like keeping a free bulk uplift services, cleaning the litter from the streets, removing the graffiti, filling in the potholes and fixing the street lights. 

The council leader, Susan Aitken, talks about climate change but Glasgow is already in environmental decline. 

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I WAS shocked at the state of the M8 today as I drove into the city centre. Lanes were closed off everywhere.

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