WITH a year now passed since lockdown V1 I’m sure many of us are reflecting on what happened 12 months ago and all that’s taken place since. 

Where was I on this day in 2020? What was I thinking? What the hell are those photos on my phone? It’s natural to look back – often with disbelief. 

A year ago right now few of us dared imagine this would last quite so long, that initial fear of a few tough weeks or months turning into something much more enduring. 

One symptom of that is the cancellation of events in spring 2020 being repeated again just now. One of those events being the Glasgow Taxis Cup. 

What is the Glasgow Taxis Cup I hear you ask? In short, it’s an inter-varsity sporting competition between the city’s three universities – Glasgow, Strathclyde and Caledonian – which takes place in the middle Wednesday of March each year. 

Glasgow Times: (Stock pictures) (Stock pictures)

As a gesture to the universities and student population, Glasgow Taxis has sponsored the competition for 10 years now, which makes it even more of a crying shame that this year’s physical events can’t take place as normal. 

Credit to the students who are instead doing a number of things online, as well as a “Strava” running challenge on the streets on an individual, socially safe basis. You just can’t keep good people down!

In normal times, Glasgow Taxis is proud to serve the city’s student community – from international students arriving in Glasgow for the first time, to ferrying students to and from classes, to – most commonly! - late night transport when they enjoy nightlife whether at unions, bars or nightclubs. 

Glasgow Times: Glasgow Taxis Cup Photo call at Glasgow University.Pictured Camilla Hattersley from Glasgow who has competed at the Commonwealth Games and Olympics. She is with Stephen Flynn of Glasgow Taxis. Photograph by Martin Shields Tel 07572 457000www.martinshields

That’s when our Safe Taxi scheme for students can very occasionally come in to play.

This is a scheme which might not be used very often, but when it is it makes an enormous difference. 

In essence, it’s there to protect students in any circumstances when they mind find themselves stranded, alone and without cash. 

This is not always a case of a steamin’ straggler at the end of a night out, for example I once picked up a student who had witnessed a crime and been asked to attend an interview and ID parade but didn’t have a means of getting home. 

In such a situation, a student can use our scheme and get safely home by providing a matriculation card, which is returned to the university and student upon payment the next day.

As I said it’s not high in usage, but it is high in terms of importance and impact. 

Back to the Glasgow Taxis Cup, and we wish all students the very best of luck with their virtual events today. 

We look forward to doing it properly again next year, fingers crossed. 

Stay safe!