HE'S putting the Easter Bunny to shame... Glasgow's Lord Provost is coordinating a city-wide egg donation to every primary pupil in Glasgow.

This means a whopping 41,588 chocolate treats need to be delivered before schools stop for the spring break.

But thanks to a team of volunteers, Philip Braat is confident the Easter eggs will be bringing a smile to every child's face just in time.

And it was generating cheer after a difficult 12 months that prompted the gesture.

Philip said: “I wanted to do something that made the children forget for a few moments about the pandemic and this difficult year where they have not been able to go to school and go out to play and see friends.

“I really hope to bring a smile to their faces.

“Everyone talks about mental health but some people forget about our children and young people – they might have different types of concerns but their concerns are still just as valid.

“So hopefully this will put a small spring in their step."

Some of the more than 40,000 Easter eggs to be delivered to schools across the city Picture: Gordon Terris

Some of the more than 40,000 Easter eggs to be delivered to schools across the city Picture: Gordon Terris

The Lord Provost contacted charities and supermarkets to look for donations of Easter eggs for all Glasgow primary children.

Tesco and Booker came to his aid with a donation from the Emmie Smillie Charity Foundation helping to pay for the eggs.

Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries (RSBi) allowed the eggs to be stored at its warehouse ahead of volunteers collecting them for distribution.

So far 13,840 chocolate eggs have been delivered to 51 of the city's 140 primary schools.

They also represent a thank you to teaching staff for their work over the past difficult year.

Philip added: "I could not have delivered on this initiative without the generous support of the Emmie Smillie Charity Foundation and various other city stakeholders and organisations.

"A massive thank you also to RSBi for allowing me to use their facilities as a central storage hub for the eggs as they await distribution to the schools, which could not happen without the many wonderful volunteers who have and continue to help me with the delivery of the eggs."

Elisa Martin, Emmie Smillie Charity Foundation said: “The Emmie Smillie Charity Foundation is delighted to be involved with Lord Provost’s Easter Egg Appeal.  It’s an outstanding cause.  We have offered our support by donating 41,500 eggs to help make sure as many children as possible receive an egg during this time.

"We are all well aware that due to the pandemic, life has been very different in the past year and it has resulted in worries over health, financial challenges and Mental Health challenges.  If we can ease any burden on families by making sure a child gets an egg then we are more than happy to do so.

"Seeing a child smile can help make us all happy.”