YOU can open pubs but you can’t have alcohol  – why is there not one journalist, not one television station, political editor, asking First Minister Nicola Sturgeon or Professor Jason Leitch the reason behind this?

The leaders of the hospitality industry should be demanding to know why this SNP government has an obvious agenda against them.

D Mclean 
Via email

TIM COX (Letters, March 16) wisely speaks against a clamour to get churches open for Easter. 

Pagans may at times have mocked the early Christians for not having temples or cultic priesthoods. Communion and prayer happened in small groups at private homes. 

Calls to have churches opened up for Easter, when a dangerous virus is spreading around, make little sense to me and are hard to reconcile with pro-life biblical values. 

As an Anglican I am embarrassed at the huge cost of maintaining and staffing massive empty cathedrals. 

The pandemic is calling us back to a simpler and more authentic spirituality, based on the teachings of Christ and the bible: – ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain’.

James Hardy
Via email

I AM just so happy we are moving in the right direction towards Lockdown ending (The 6 key dates as Scotland’s pubs, hairdressers and gyms given reopen go-ahead, Wednesday). 

I just hope this will be the last ever lockdown, we face. 

I just want life to go back to normal.

Carragh McInnes
Posted online

THE German government has suspended the Oxford vaccine due to figures suggesting four in a million people develop blood clots after vaccination, as opposed to one point five in a million developing blood clots without it.

If their figures are correct, they have made a bad decision. 

Compared to chances of catching Covid, the odds are far too small a risk to be worth considering. 

It follows then, that the even lower odds of catching Covid from a random unvaccinated person in a pub full of vaccinated ones means it’s not worth considering pub passports either. Hurrah!

Barry Tighe
Via email