MORE than 80 objections have been submitted to Glasgow’s planning chiefs over flooding concerns on a potential housing development in Yoker.

Carmichael Homes (Scotland) Limited has submitted an application for planning permission in principle to develop 36 flats at Yoker Ferry Road.

The site is located alongside the River Clyde and the slipway for the Renfrew Ferry. The ferry service is operated by Clyde Link and runs seven days a week between Yoker and Renfrew.


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If approved the building would be seven storeys high and bring more life to this section of the Clyde. Underground parking would also be included and accessed from Yoker Ferry Roads.

Residents say that the building is too big for the site which is prone to flooding throughout the year.

Speaking on behalf of the community Bill Faerestrand said: “This is actually the third attempt. The site itself is actually quite small.

“The basic objection is it is a massive building, plonked right in front of us here and it will completely obliterate any sunshine. We get a reasonable amount of sun. They are not providing any recreational space or any parking spaces for visitors.

“The site floods regularly. The river comes up and floods at least halfway up the site even during normal conditions at the front end or back end of the year.

“The design is completely out of character with the area. This is just a monstrous and huge development with zero recreational space.

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“They say they aren’t providing any recreational space because there is plenty within the area – well I’d like to find that space because the sorts of things they were quoting was the open river, the Yoker Sports Centre which is closing.

“The building occupies more than the land than the company actually own. They have ticked the box on the application to say they don’t own all the land.

“It will take up 110% of the space and will encroach on the land.”

The application can be viewed via the council’s planning portal.