I’M sure I’m not the only one looking forward to lockdown easing and with the new dates planned, it feels like it won’t be far off now. 

However, I can’t help but feel for the live events and nightlife industry. 

They’ve almost been completely forgotten about. 

It’s all well and good saying that the government can let them know nearer to the time but this is no help to the staff who don’t know when they’ll be heading back to work or organisers who need time to plan events to make their money back.  


IT’S great that the Scottish Government have seen it fit to announce that trains are set to be brought into public ownership from next year but it’s very interesting this announcement has come just six weeks before an important election. 

Let’s hope this move will bring benefit to people who need to rely on trains regularly to get to work.

T McDonald

I AM thoroughly enjoying the crime section published every Wednesday in the Glasgow Times. 

We often forget about some of these horrific incidents and the tragic victims. 

It makes very interesting reading hearing from the detectives who dealt with each case.

I look forward to it every week.

Barbra Shepherd

AT last we look to be heading out of lockdown after Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement about dates in April and May.

With the vaccinations going well and the number of people dying and those in hospital coming down, we can surely cope with some people catching the virus, as long as they don’t get seriously ill.

Glasgow Times: Nicola Sturgeon Nicola Sturgeon

I am so optimistic about the success of the vaccinations that I am hoping rules on crowds will be lifted to allow fans inside Hampden for when Partick Thistle win the Scottish Cup this year, 100 years after they last won it.

Jags fan

I AM beyond furious at the scenes published in your newspaper on Thursday at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.

Where are these so-called revellers’ parents? 

Do they realise we are in such a sensitive time and yet they fell the need to congregate in crowds.

The shops are closed, the pubs are closed, we can’t visit each others homes – oh but it is okay to stand in a park drinking with your buddies all in the aid of good old St Patrick. 

Let’s hope we really do have the luck of the Irish and there isn’t further outbreaks. I want out of this lockdown now!


IT’S fantastic to read about all the finalists for the 2020 Scotswoman of the Year, in particular those in the running for Young SWOTY. 

These girls and young women are amazing, both in what they have achieved and in 
their attitudes to life and adversity. 

After this year like no other, it is very uplifting to read about people genuinely going the extra mile for others and we could all learn something from them. Good luck to them all in this inspiring event.

Trisha Scott
Mount Florida

I RECOGNISE more than half of the Rangers team, shown in the Glasgow Times’ Times Past pull-out on Wednesday prior to their visit to Germany, to play a friendly match, against a British Army team in 1945. 

Having lost 6-1 to the Army Team, a wag wrote: ‘They sent the mighty Rangers, to show how it was done, so the army boys just wired in and beat them 6-1. 

“So if we want to shine again and bring back Scottish Pride, see 
Mr Travers ( Paddy Travers was the manager of Clyde FC) right away, and he will send out the Clyde.’ 

The Clyde team did go out to play a friendly match against  the Army team, and were beat four goals to nil. 

Peter Mc Kennan, who scored three goals for the Army against Rangers, was also known as “Peter ma baw” during his playing days.

Via email