CRAIGTON Crematorium in Cardonald could be the next council crematory to benefit from investment to improve and maintain its surrounding infrastructure.

An update, highlighting the refurbishment work that has taken place in cemeteries, churchyards and crematoriums throughout the city, was brought before the environment committee recently.

A document presented also confirmed that the demand on cremation services increased by 14% throughout the pandemic.

Work to update the South Chapel at Daldowie has already been completed.

A council officecr said: “Crematoria refurbishment programme started before Covid and it was curtailed during lockdown. We have opened the new South Chapel at Daldowie. We have had over 190 services up there.

“Started the refurb of the West Chapel which was finished on March 8 and we are looking to have that up and running shortly. Work will commence shortly on the East chapel with work on the Daldowie crematorium to be completed by May 24.”

Labour councillor Jim Kavanagh then asked if Craigton Crematorium would be included in the investment plan.

The officer added: “At the beginning of the pandemic we worked with members of the Muslim community to extend the Linn cemetery to provide space for an additional 100 layers. We also have plans to extend this cemetery further.

“We are always looking for investment in our cemeteries and will be looking at Craigton in Cardonald. We have a cemetery programme for footpath improvements and can certainly look at this cemetery for the next round [of improvements] next financial year.”