NOW that the roadmap for hospitality has been outlined by the Government, can the industry ensure hot water and soap are available in all toilet areas. 

Sanitiser available along with the cruet sets at all tables and innovative ideas for it to be included in the decor, fixtures and fittings of the premises. 

Hand hygiene should now be a way of life.

Via email

COME on Glasgow folk let’s get out and litterpick! 

You are proud of your city, aren’t you? 

So let’s clean it up and start at your own place.  

Better still, let’s get people to STOP DROPPING LITTER in the first place and return to good habits – put it in a bin or take it home.

Once you start you’ll see a big difference and keep doing it!

M Meighan
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I DON’T doubt there are truly a few genuine candidates out there who have the community at heart and want to do the best for the people (Voters take their pick in Baillieston and Partick East Kelvindale by-elections, Friday). 

No matter who you vote for most ultimately do their own thing once in and quickly forget why they got there in the first place. 

No matter who ends up in power things never seem to change much either way for Joe Public.

Anne McCurley
Posted online

WHAT chance have we got of avoiding Covid when Glasgow’s youths think they can just gather now in mass numbers?

If it isn’t the ludicrous scenes witnessed at Kelvingrove Park during the week, it’s dozens gathering to play football on school pitches across the city.

I’ll be shocked if we are able to stick to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s roadmap out of this pandemic with these chaotic scenes.

No doubt supporters of the Old Firm will cause even more problems on Sunday after and before their league match.

I’ll be shocked if fans from either sides resist the urge to gather outside their grounds to gloat and shout abuse at each other.

What a city we live in. Some people are really just an embarrassment to Glasgow. 

James O’Neill

I NOTICED the huge amount of work going on for the new bridge across the M8 motorway to Sighthill. Is this really needed? 

It seems a lot of money to be spend on an area which isn’t exactly the most desirable.

The disruption, and not to mention the expense, seems to be excessive for a needless project.

Megan Richie
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I FEAR for the impact coronavirus has had so far on the mental health of people across our country.

Being stuck at home for so long isn’t good for anyone.

I just hope we can avoid going back into lockdown again when restrictions finally ease next month in Scotland.

Irene Geddes

I WONDER how the Scottish Government will handle international travel when restrictions ease?

I don’t see people in Scotland being happy to stay at home if England allows international travel from its airports.

If that’s the case, I will certainly risk driving to Newcastle or Manchester to ensure I can go abroad on holiday. I can’t face another six months of the weather in this country.

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