GLEN Kamara has revealed a Slavia Prague player allegedly shouted "you're a f****** monkey" into his ear. 

The Rangers midfielder has accused Czech defender Ondrej Kudela of using the racial slur during a heated encounter in a Europa League last-16 tie on Thursday. 

Slavia have denied the claims - insisting their player said "you f***ing guy" - but Kamara has been backed by his manager Steven Gerrard and his teammates.

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UEFA, the governing body, has promised to investigate the incident while the Czechs have raised an alleged attack inside the stadium with their embassy in London. 

In a statement via lawyer Aamer Anwar, Kamara called on the football authorities to act or risk giving racism the "greenlight". 

The 25-year-old said: "There is no place for racism or any form of bigotry in football. Since summer many of us have taken the knee in solidarity with those who have lost their lives to racial violence. If UEFA genuinely wants to 'show racism the red card', then it’s time to stop the tokenism and take a zero-tolerance approach.

"As a player I do not expect myself, nor any other to have to tolerate racial hatred on or off the pitch in 2021. The vile racist abuse by Ondrej Kedel [Kudela], took place on the international stage, and any failure to act by UEFA will be viewed as a greenlight for racism.

"During yesterday’s match with Slavia Prague, Kedel was arguing with a Rangers player and after I tried to intervene, he told me to shut up and then said 'one second my friend'.

"He then came over to me covering his mouth, leaning into my ear, he uttered the words – 'You’re a f****** monkey, you know you are.'"

Earlier today Rangers released a statement outlining their full support for Kamara with boss Gerrard saying they would back him "100%". 

The Finn added: "I was shocked and horrified to hear such racist abuse from a professional football player. Kedel’s [Kudela] claim he simply swore at me and said 'You’re a f****** guy' is a complete utter lie, which does not stand up to any form of scrutiny.

"Kedel’s [Kudela] actions were deliberate and premeditated, but he was loud enough for my team-mate Bongani Zungu to hear what was said.

Glasgow Times: Steven Gerrard Steven Gerrard

"I am grateful for the unconditional support of my team, our club and especially our manager Steven Gerrard.

"I want to thank not just our Rangers fans, but the many fans from across the football community and beyond, for calling out racism not just against myself, but also fellow player Kemar Roofe, who was subjected to a tirade of racist bile on Instagram.

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"We as black players are sick of the freedom that such bigots are given to parade their hatred on social media and wonder when the likes of Instagram will start to take action."

In a statement earlier, Slavia denied the claims, saying: "Slavia resolutely denies the disgusting accusation of one of the team captains Ondřej Kúdela of racist behaviour. Already the founders of our club gave us crest where white colour means 'the purity of the idea of sports and fair contest where the rival is not our enemy, but respected opponent'.

"Today, Slavia is an international club based on respect for our opponents and mutual respect of all people and cultures.

"After one of the brutal fouls, Ondřej Kúdela spoke to one of the Rangers players. He said: ‘You f***ing guy’. It was said in emotions, but I absolutely deny there was anything racist in those words." 

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