READER Donnie’s letter, ‘Hospitality sector must be prepared for reopening’, left me puzzled and a little annoyed, his list of things he thinks the hospitality sector need to be put in place to ensure a safe reopening are already done!

All over Scotland, more than £80 million have been spent by pubs, hotels and restaurants to ensure they are as Covid safe as possible with changes to layouts and enhanced staff training ensuring customers are safely welcomed back.

Billy Gold

Hielan Jessie Bar Glasgow

WHAT kind of people watch this drivel (Lawrence Chaney gives shout out to the Gorbals in crowning video, Glasgow Times online)?

The quality of mainstream TV is going down the pan.

It is no wonder people are giving up on the licence and streaming instead. It seems that the more channels offered the worse TV gets.

It is all about cooking, mending, so called talent shows and a lot of shouting and screaming on a Saturday night. Eight o’clock used to be a prime-time for a good drama or show worth watching, now its things like Masterchef, renovating furniture or houses, training or pampering dogs or on a Saturday night a lot of noise.

Even the soaps are a turn off now. It is the worst I have seen it since the 60s when there was only two TV stations.

Utter drivel, they should be ashamed taking a license fee

John Mackie

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I THINK that the audience of Drag Race is very diverse in all aspects. I personally, mid-50s male, have enjoyed this addition to the BBC schedule.

The fact that it is the second series is most probably a fair indication of good ratings.

It is certain that the content and quality of mainstream ‘TV’ has changed significantly since the 60s. I don’t disagree.

Moving on, I really want to express my congratulations to Lawrence Chaney, Ru Paul Drag Race 2 et al. The pride in his country and heritage are a joyous expression. I am reminded of Stanley Baxter.

Genuinely talented and with a good heart. Surely better to applaud, encourage and celebrate extraordinary people like Lawrence Chaney, Ellie Diamond and so many more. Do I get an Amen in here?!

Hector Gordon

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