IT was World Poetry Day on Sunday and it’s a year since lockdown this week so there’s only really one thing for it ...

It was around this time last year

That we started slowing down

The foot came off the pedal

As we went in to lockdown

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It was tough for every one of us

As it all came with a cost

But the ones who felt it most of all

Were those who loved ones lost

Now one year on we think of them

And the ones with no sorrow to seek

An anniversary to forget

They are in our thoughts this week

Us drivers are a hardy bunch

So we’ve just done what we could

We’ve kept on going throughout the year

Working for the greater good

We’ve delivered medicines to the ill

Helped the elderly stay connected

We’ve served the city 24/7

With all passengers fully protected

Separated, sanitised and safe have become

The three buzzwords which help prove

That a Glasgow Taxi in 2021

Is a safe and clean way to move

What happens next, is still guesswork

Now’s the right time to use the word funnel

Because what we can all see coming soon

Is the light at the end of the tunnel!

We know things won’t be the same again

Not now, not soon, maybe not ever

But getting some of our freedoms back

Will be the best thing anyone can deliver

With vaccine numbers on the rise

Glasgow Times:

And the relaxing of lockdown rules

We can’t wait to see more of you soon

At offices, pubs, stadiums, restaurants, schools

I’m proud we’ve made it through so far

Any Glaswegian is resilient, a survivor

But I won’t be happy till I hear that timeless phrase

“Aw right! Are you busy tonight, driver?”

Stay safe!