Five March is a neighbourhood hangout for food, cocktails and good times with friends. 

Your favourite Glasgow DJ probably drinks here. Part of a new wave of West End hospitality, they had established a venue with a strong sense of community before lockdown intervened. 

Owner Joanna Nethery is excited about restarting conversations with locals over the months ahead.

They have opened their reservations for outside and inside seats from April 26: “A lot of our regulars live close by and they will have a chat to us over 
the wee railing outside and spirits are high at the moment, everyone’s so excited about starting to go outside again. 

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“We all take so much from other people, in terms of how we feel about ourselves and reassurance. So, we are looking forward to being hospitable again, to make folk feel welcome.” 

Joanna and Peter MacKay, her business partner who is the head chef, have been offering a dine-at-home menu during lockdown. 

This had the benefit of allowing Five March to bring the kitchen team back to work while also finding new customers on social media. A busy dining room remains the ideal scenario. 

Glasgow Times:

Joanna added: “I think we miss the camaraderie that you get from a busy Saturday with the tickets racking up and the buzz from the dining room. Dine-at-home was essential for our income, we’re a young business but we want to get our game faces back on and see people laughing and having fun again, the whole place swinging.”