WITH the latest threat across Europe of coronavirus, I doubt anyone in the UK will be travelling abroad.

I think we will just have to accept that a staycation will probably have to be the only option this year.

I just hope the travel industry can recover once the level of coronavirus across the world has reduced significantly.


WITH regards to Susan Aitken’s piece in Wednesday’s Glasgow Times, we are going to have a cleaner city for COP26. 

Just like we were having a “deep clean” for the Commonwealth Games, I suppose. 
What about a clean city for the actual residents? 

Glasgow Times: Susan AitkenSusan Aitken

I couldn’t help laughing when I got to the end of the article with Glasgow getting £650,000 from the Scottish Government and it’s getting spent on marketing.


We don’t need any more marketing. We need a group of dedicated people with vans and litter-sticks to go around the suburbs and clean our streets.

Jim McGregor

SO a “summit meeting will take place in Scotland to discuss a united front in the fight against racism in sport. 

Many organisations and individuals are participating in this event. 

Obviously, anything that can be done to tackle racism is to be welcomed but I wonder if any of those participants will be brave enough to put their head above the parapet and ask why nothing similar is be done to tackle growing sectarian abuse in Scotland which is our real shame. 

We shouldn’t hold our breath.


I KNOW it’s not something people are supposed to enjoy, but I will miss the debates between Nicola Sturgeon and Ruth Davidson in Holyrood.

Glasgow Times:  Ruth Davidson Ruth Davidson

It’s a pity Ms Davidson is leaving for the House of Lords. Their lively discussions will be missed greatly.


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WELL done to Old Firm fans for staying at home over the weekend.

I was extremely worried there would be chaotic scenes before and after the Old Firm match at Celtic Park.

Hopefully we can continue seeing our clubs on the back pages instead of on the front pages with negative stories.

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