A TEENAGER has written to the leader of Glasgow City Council, inviting her on a walkround to see the flytipping issue "first hand."

Eighteen-year-old John White penned the scathing letter after approaching Susan Aitken on social media about the issue this week.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “I decided to challenge the council leader to come on a Covid safe walk around my community to see the issues first hand. Five days went on with no answer. The only way I could express how I and other people are feeling was by writing an open letter.”

John, who lives in Shettleston, said he is “sick and fed up” of walking past discarded mattresses, litter and damaged furniture.

He added: “Everywhere I go, there are bin bags, litter blowing in the streets, old mattresses, broken cabinets and glass. That’s not what are communities are meant to look like and we deserve better.”

He has slammed the local authority over the introduction of 3 weekly green bin collections as well as the bulk uplift charge, claiming this is reducing people to flytipping.

John added: “I don’t think the council administration realises the horrible look it leaves our communities with in amongst the health and safety hazards.”

In his letter, which has been shared on Twitter, John said:”I cannot and will not sit back and watch our great city fall to its knees and become a dump under your administration. The people of this city take great pride in their communities and streets and deserve to live in communities that are supported by a council administration that cares.

Glasgow Times:

The law student has also appealed to those responsible for flytipping to think twice before doing so. He said:”I’d say to people to think very carefully before fly tipping. Although there is the possibility of a hefty charge to pick it up, anything is better than the communities we live in becoming dumps. No one wants that.”

Glasgow Times: SUSAN AITKEN

A spokesman for the SNP City Government said: “Councillor Aitken receives many emails from Glasgow residents on a daily basis. As with any citizen who raises issues of concern, Mr White will receive a full response in due course.”