Martin Lewis was left furious by a caller on This Morning when he appeared via video on Thursday’s instalment of the show.

Martin was appearing alongside regular hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

The Money Saving Expert founder regularly appears on the ITV daytime show to give financial advice to viewers.

One caller appeared on the show to share her story of being scammed out of a four-figure sum which almost saw the cash-saving guru swear on live TV.

Julie explained how she was conned out of £8,000 by a cryptocurrency scam.

Julie, recently retired had fallen foul to the scam after a ‘celebrity-endorsed’ advert popped up in her AOL email account.

Julie said: "Every time I was saying 'how do I go about getting money out', they said 'well, you can earn more money on this...'"

Was left physically distressed by Julie’s tale and shared an urgent warning to anyone considering such advertisements.

"If they (the ads) have my face on them, they're scams, if they have Deborah Meaden's face on it, they're scams, if they have any other Dragon's face on it, they're scams,” he said.

"Almost certainly, if they have any celebrity face in it, they're scams, almost every advert for something like Bitcoin online, on those types of sites are scammers trying to get your money."

Martin added: "I hope what you're saying acts as a warning to everybody watching.

"You're very brave for coming on, it's very difficult to admit this.

"We can call this a scam, but this is almost a confidence trick"

The finance expert then had to stop himself from swearing live on air.

"It is very dangerous. It is psychological. These people are brilliant, if only these ... not the b word, if only these horrible people could use their skills for something productive,” he said

"Almost every advert for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency on these types of sites are scammers trying to get your money."

Martin then provided a blunt answer to Phillip Schofield’s question of how likely it is the caller would get her money back.

He said: "I would suggest you've probably lost the money. There are ways to try and get it back, but I would start on the presumption you're not getting it back."

Martin Lewis also presents his own show The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV.

This Morning is aired every weekday morning from 10am on ITV1.