Alex Salmond has launched a new political party to contest the Holyrood elections next month.

The former First Minister said he is fielding candidates in every regional list.

He said the main aim is "the achievement of independence".

He said the party would stand four candidates in each list, to elect Alba MSPs from every area of Scotland.

He announced his first candidates.

Eve Comrie said she was relinquishing her place on the SNP list to stand for the new party in Mid Scotland and Fife.

Chris McEleny, SNP councillor from West of scotland, said he was resigning from the SNP to stand for the Alba Party in the West of Scotland.

Salmond said there were one million "wasted" SNP regional list votes at the last election that produced no new MSPs.

He said: "There could be 90 or more independence supporting MSPs in the new parliament."

He said: "Today Alba is hoisting a flag in the wind, planting a saltire on the hill."