PRIMARY school kids are fundraising to find a cure for brain tumours following the diagnosis of a fellow pupil.

Eight-year-old Katie Paterson, from Clarkston in Airdie was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma in December last year after complaining of pain in the back of her head and frequent vomiting.

Katie's mum, Elaine Paterson said: “Katie hadn’t been feeling well and I knew something wasn’t right. At the hospital, the paediatrician couldn’t see anything obvious but wanted to do a CT scan, which showed the tumour at the back of Katie’s head. It was so big it had completely blocked the flow of her brain fluid, which can cause pressure on the brain.

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“Katie had surgery pretty quickly, but we were told on Christmas Eve that it wouldn’t be enough. She started radiotherapy in mid-January and we’re now waiting for an MRI scan before she starts chemotherapy. Right now, we’re just trying to live in the moment and take each day as it comes.”

Katie’s friends and teachers at Clarkston Primary School held a “Wear a Hat” day yesterday to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

The school’s Acting Heacteacher Yvonne Callander said: “Katie is an amazing and inspirational little girl. As a school community we wanted to show our support to Katie and her family, which is why we’re holding a Wear A Hat Day for Brain Tumour Research.

Katie’s mum, Elaine said: “Katie’s school has been amazing and this is such a lovely gesture.”