SO the Sunday Times has named Dennistoun as the best place to live in Glasgow. I can see their logic. 

It’s definitely the cheapest “trendy” part of the city to live in. It doesn’t have the amount of students the West End has, it isn’t as naff as the nice parts of the South Side (see the insufferable “knit-bombing” at Queens Park station), but manages to have similar pubs, cafes and shops that make those places desirable. 

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I just hope that the press coverage doesn’t price out more than have already started to leave the area because of increased rents and house prices. 

Archie Constable 
Circus Drive

WHENEVER I see Boris Johnson on Television, he reminds me of the blundering Captain Mainwaring, of the television series, Dad’s Army. 

Despite the fact that the coronavirus is still raging around the world, Boris announces increased spending on arms, while offering the nurses in England an insulting 1% increase, in contrast nurses in Scotland are to receive a 4% increase, from the SNP government. 

As usual the Tories with their double standards, have once again, got their priorities all wrong. 

Glasgow Times: Boris Johnson Boris Johnson

At its height, the coronavirus almost brought the Health Service to its knees, in the process claiming  the lives of many medical staff, doctors, nurses and many others associated with hospital care, and continues to do so. 

It is time the flag-waving Tories realise that Britain is no longer a world power, therefore the money intended for arms, should be re-directed to the Health Service and mental health

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OUR readers had lots to say on our fly-tipping story in yesterday’s Glasgow Times. Here’s a selection of comments posted on our Facebook page...

DON’T fine them. Take the vehicle off them if proved to be fly-tipping.

Walter McLuckie

STOP charging people for using dumps and it will stop.

Then you won’t have to pay more to clean it up.

How obvious is this?

Jock T Malone

WELL, provide free bulk refuse uplift. Simple! Who’s running the cleansing department?

William Love

MORE than 50% would be reduced if suppliers helped by taking away the old things that you are replacing and less packaging.

Kenneth Downie

THAT’S what happens when Glasgow City Council doesn’t pick rubbish up and there are cut backs.

Jim McCrorie
WELL done to John McGinn for his superb goal against Austria for Scotland.

He is a breath of fresh air in our national team.

Glasgow Times: John McGinn John McGinn

It shows that our country does have quality players who can hold their own in one of the top leagues in the world. Keep up the good work.

Jason Robertson

IT was a nice change watching Scotland in action this week.

Ok, we didn’t perform as well as we have in previous matches over the last year, but you can see the character of our side shining through.

It’s been a long time since I have looked forward to watching Scotland in action. Steve Clarke has our team going in the right direction and the players appear to really want to play for him.

Jane Dolan
South Side