REV Dr John Cameron (Letters, March 26) notes the success of a legal challenge by churches against Scottish Government pandemic restrictions on worship. Many clerics and church attenders are in the older age group, so will be at increased risk from coronavirus. The Easter message of the Cross speaks of every human life being precious.

Can Rev Cameron reconcile Christian resistance to abortion (or euthanasia) with churches pressing to remain open while a dangerous virus is spreading? New Testament churches met in private homes for prayer and the Lord’s supper. The simple churches of the first century turned the ancient world upside down.

My own spiritual journey was deeply impacted by reading Miracle On The River Kwai by the late Ernest Gordon (1916-2002), who came to faith in a Far East POW camp. On return. to Scotland Ernest Gordon is allegedly said to have described the kirk as “a bureaucracy, not a fellowship”. Perhaps the pandemic will move UK Christianity away from clericalism and an obsession with buildings?

J T Hardy

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JUST watched the latest scenes from Bristol on TV and the violence from the police was appalling and smacked of revengeful thuggery.

Police are seen using the edges of their riot shields to pummel men and women to the ground. Absolute savagery and they looked totally out of control. No doubt the usual excuses will be heard and the Government poodles will exonerate them of any blame. Reminded me of the miners’ strikes of the eighties when they were also out of control. Some things never change.



IN reply to RSD’s letter (March 27), his description of Prime Minister Boris Johnson (right) does him a disservice. Indeed, the Prime Minister does portray a certain manner, however to doubt his intellect is doing no one any favours.

If the spending on the NHS was as they alluded to, why is the UK outperforming most nations with regards to the vaccination? Why are we three times better off than the EU? Why are they in a mess and the UK is not (relatively speaking)? It can’t be an accident.

We currently spend 2% of Gross Domestic Product on defence. That is the Nato minimum threshold. Compare that to the amount spent on health and indeed welfare.


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