WITH regards the return of beer gardens – the last time (August) I managed a beer or two in an outdoor area it was table service.

The lassie comes with a pint and a whisky on a tray and places it on the table.

I have to take it from the tray as she is not allowed to touch the glasses. She then goes to an empty table and takes the dirty glasses from the table and puts them on her tray!

Enough of these stupid and nonsensical rules.

Open ALL pubs fully NOW and if you are scared then stay locked up in your own house and allow the rest of us to get our life back!

John Stormy Winter

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THE beer gardens will be fully booked for the foreseeable future.

I don’t think I’ll bother trying to go to the pub. I’m more interested in the gym reopening. I’ll continue to drink at home.

David Mckirdy

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I READ the article regarding Alex Salmond forming his new political party following which I read the comments page regarding this.

I found myself in total agreement with reader Moonk Calder’s comments regarding our current First Minister being responsible for the many care home deaths.

The SNP have in their usual deceitful way put aside an inquiry until after the Scottish elections by which time others responsible will have left office with their substantial lump sums and pensions.

Danny McLean

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ONE of the great pleasures of life in the modern world is the freedom to fly off to a different place, to experience a new culture, climate and landscape.

Brits have always been travellers but in recent decades it’s been increasingly easy to take our holidays abroad, so one of the most dispiriting effects of lockdown has been the almost total cessation of travel and the stifling closure of our borders.

Millions have accepted this diktat to “control” the virus, but by mid-May huge numbers will have been inoculated and the case for an opening-up of travel is strong and growing stronger.

The people of this country have responded to the pandemic with a great wave of unselfishness.

They have accepted, with amazing patience, restriction after restriction on their lives, but that patience is wearing thin.

Other reasons for resuming flying include staying in touch with close family plus the economic benefits of our travel industry, employing many thousands and contributing £22 billion each year to the UK economy. So the time has come for the government to move forward – and we don’t need lectures from “green celebs” in their private jets about “flying plebs” destroying the planet.

Dr John Cameron

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