ISA Brady had a surprise in store when she returned home from the Barras one day.

The 86-year-old used to love walking along to the famous city market and browsing the stalls.

“One day my friend and I went to buy new curtains,” she tells us. “They were all on the shelf, you just shouted out the size and colour you wanted, they shoved them in a bag and tossed them over to you.”

Isa adds with a laugh: “When I went home to hang them up, somebody had written their messages list on one of them in ink. I took them back and was told, och, it would have come out in the first wash….”

Isa recalls the street acts who used to perform at the Barras – the ‘medicine man’, with a snake wound around his neck, and an escape artist who was not all he was cracked up to be.

“He used to tie himself up in chains and half the time had to ask somebody to help him out as he was always getting stuck,” says Isa. “I loved the music stalls, where they’d play a tape for you if you were buying it, and everyone would dance.. I still go when I can and finish up with coffee and a walk round Glasgow Green – magic.”