WELL done to the young lady for fighting this (Brave cancer survivor to raise cash for centre that saved her life, Tuesday).

These centres along with all other services including mental health should be considered vital in our times of need to help everyone. And we shouldn’t be needing to help fund them.

Again, well done young Beth.

Thomas Rattray

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THE ship stuck in the Suez Canal, highlights the hypocrisy of Western politicians and Capitalism.

The politicians are forever gesturing that sanctions will be imposed on China for numerous reasons. The Capitalists have moved Western Manufacturing to ‘Communist’ China, which is now the most successful Capitalist country in the world.

One British company director was on TV bemoaning that his company was waiting for thousands of pizza ovens which are aboard one of the many ships carrying millions of pounds of products that had been manufactured in China and other Far Eastern countries.

Will any political party in the UK, demand that manufacturing must be brought back to the UK, in their manifesto? No, they will concentrate on trying to win votes by promising higher benefits payments, which will be paid for by a shrinking workforce.

I know I will look in vain for ONE political party in Scotland to give any importance to bringing Manufacturing back here.

Daniel Harris

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IT’S time to ditch support for the Qatar World Cup (It’s time for Steve Clarke to ditch the formation that got Scotland to Euro 2020 – making Qatar 2022 depends on it, Glasgow Times Online).

It’s not about the exploitation of defensive formations.

It’s about the exploitation of brave desperate workers who tried to support their vulnerable families in underdeveloped countries.

You could argue they had a choice. Such was their commitment to helping their families escape poverty that they felt they didn’t.

Do you want Scotland to play in those stadia?

Eugene McElhinney

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IT’S an oven-baked excuse for losing goals isn’t it? Oh we played the wrong system in that half but when we changed to the right system we scored.

Okay we lost, but tactically the change worked. Is this really how international football works? What’s more important – a system or the skill and commitment of players?

Maurice Gartshore

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