The Scottish Conservatives are championing the Covid vaccine rollout as an “incredible success story” of the UK.

As around two and a half million people in Scotland and 30 million people in the UK have been vaccinated, leader Douglas Ross, said it was a benefit of the union.

He said analysis of vaccine rates shows Scotland could have had 1.5 million fewer vaccines if we were not in the UK scheme.

Ross, campaigning in Glasgow today with candidate, Sandesh Gulhane said: “The vaccination rollout has been an incredible success story across Scotland and the United Kingdom. It has shown the overwhelming benefits of us working together across our Union to emerge from the Covid crisis.

“The SNP are in denial about how much worse off we would be if they had got their way and we were left out of the world-leading UK vaccine scheme.”

Meanwhile Anas Sarwar the Labour leader was highlighting the need to tackle a cancer waiting times backlog.

Leader Anas Sarwar was in Glasgow with Mary Hudson from Glasgow who had to travel to London for NHS surgery after her ovarian cancer returned.

Sarwar said over the last three months of 2020 there were 485 people who waited longer than two months to start their cancer treatment, despite being urgently referred.

He said: “The pandemic has had a devastating impact on cancer services, but the problems were there before Covid struck.

“The next parliament must be fully focused on a national recovery plan for our NHS so that we never again have to choose between treating a virus or treating cancer.”

The SNP meanwhile were campaigning on tax and said the UK Government was hiking taxes in England on families to the tune of £2billion while in Scotland the council tax freeze would save on household bills.

Kate Forbes, finance secretary said: “There is no doubt that families in Scotland are already better off under the SNP, with households paying £500 less on average as a result of the SNP’s council tax freeze.

“In stark contrast, the Tory council tax bombshell will leave families in England with a staggering £2billion bill on their doorsteps this morning, as council tax is hiked by a whopping 4.3% on average across the country.”

The Greens will be standing in three Glasgow seats as well as the regional list

Patrick Harvie, Kim Long and Nadia Kanyange will contest Glasgow Kelvin, Glasgow Provan and Glasgow Pollok respectively.

Scottish Greens co-leader, Patrick Harvie said: “I am delighted to be standing in Kelvin, and am confident that we can build on our second place finish in the constituency last time.

The Lib Dems are today focusing on mental health with plans for mental health first aiders.