MARTIN Compston couldn't hold back his joy when Scotland scored during the filming of Line of Duty.

While the actor was on-set, the National team netted a penalty shoot-out that brought an end to "20 years of heartache". 

Now that the epaulet spoiler for episode two of the new series has been released, the Greenock-born star shared his reaction the moment Scotland secured victory.

The video shows Comston leaping from a police car into the middle of the set and jumping with joy, screaming: "Come on Scotland" and "yaaaaaas" before returning to the vehicle. 

Writing on Twitter, he said: "With an ep 2 epaulettes spoiler out the way, I can reveal what happens when you're in the middle of raiding bent coppers but @ScotlandNT are in a penalty shoot-out to end 20 year of heartache.

"Steve to Scots in point zero seconds..."