THE news on Tuesday night was saying that many people have developed antibodies (Nicola Sturgeon addresses ‘vaccine certificate’ plans for further lockdown easing, Glasgow Times online).

Why are more antibody tests not being carried out? Surely a natural immunity is better than injection?

Is an injection still required if someone has built up natural antibodies?

Would someone with enough antibodies be able to get or even require a health cert/passport?

Al McD

Posted online

WITH regards to a letter featured on Tuesday, why not allow pub-desperate people like Mr John Winter have their wish

and open their pubs NOW, as

he demands, and then lock the doors and keep them there?

Therefore, they can’t infect their loved ones and the other “scared people” (his words), who sensibly obey the rules to take the pressure off the NHS.

Allen Johns

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GRAEME McGARRY’S article on why it may be best for all parties if Celtic and Leigh Griffiths part ways amid Aberdeen link sparked many comments online. Here’s a selection...

A genuinely gifted player. I’d like to know where it all went wrong for him. A change from Celtic may do him good.

Ewan McLean

He has done nothing all season and you have to ask yourself just how much of that is down to extenuating circumstances?

I feel he short-changed them. When you look at the physical condition of fellow strikers Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic you get a gauge of what commitment, professionalism and dedication can achieve.

What makes it all so disappointing is his undoubted ability.

Eugene McElhinney

You don’t need to look so far away to look at older professional footballers, have a look at the professionalism and physical condition of Jermain Defoe and Steven Davis at Rangers and they show what can be achieved.

Fraser Weir

Surely the most gifted striker Scotland has produced for years. I’ll never forget his two free-kicks against England. Magic.

So sad that he finds himself in limbo. Difficult to see a manager taking a risk on a player who appears chronically unfit.

As an Aberdeen supporter, I’d imagine Scott Brown’s opinion on Griffiths may decide his future. Hibs?

Maurice Gartshore