RESIDENTS will be encouraged to take part in an upcoming survey regarding the impact the closure of Glasgow Life facilities has had on their wellbeing.

During yesterday’s full council meeting Labour councillor Archie Graham asked the Depute Leader if the council had any plans to assess the damage to the physical and mental health of citizens following the closure of Glasgow Life facilities.

SNP councillor David McDonald said that the council would include questions about the pandemic and the city’s response in the upcoming household survey.

He explained: “The survey will help, alongside a number of consultations that have taken place during the period of lockdown, which will provide us with insight and a wealth of views from the public in Glasgow about how valued and cherished Glasgow Life venues are as we prepare to open.”

Councillor Archie Graham pointed out that council policy is to reopen all the facilities that are run by Glasgow Life as soon as it is safe to do so.

He asked: “Can we get an indication if there is a timeline being worked out for that but while we are trying to do that, we could engage with the stakeholders in each of the facilities as to what the effect on them of the closures for such a length of time has had.”

Mr McDonald responded: “Members will also be aware that we were able to reopen approximately 90 venues now as a result of the £100,000,000 safety net that has been put in place to support Glasgow Life.

“The next few weeks as we prepare for this, we will be able to tell the public our plans and opening dates. We will be looking for the views of local communities and stakeholders so we can do it as safely as we can but also in a way that supports local recovery efforts.”