CHILDREN as young as twelve have been travelling from train networks in Glasgow across the country despite the current coronavirus lockdown. 

British Transport Police have found youths boarding services from Patrick and Helensburgh with others identified in Dalmuir and Airdrie. 

The force are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety and wellbeing of children who have been travelling unoccupied on the network outside of the ongoing Covid regulations. 

Weekly operations have been in place since January in a bid to identify and protect these children. 

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During this period, 24 targeted operations were identified with more than 40 young people either collected or returned home to their parents and carers. 

BTP Inspector Chris Shields said: “We urge parents and carers to ensure they know where their children are and have conversations with them to remind them of the Covid guidelines that are currently in place.

“One of the most concerning aspects from our operations has been the number of young people we spoke to that were the opposite side of the city from where they live without parental consent or knowledge.

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 “The railway is not a playground and large groups of youths as young as 12 years-old have resulted in increased patrols to ensure there is safeguarding in place for children and young people who are traveling on the network.

 “We all have a responsibility to protect vulnerable children in our community and I would encourage people to be on the lookout for young people who might need help and report any concerns they may have so we can make sure they don’t come to any harm.

 “Passengers continue to be our eyes and ears and they can help us by reporting crimes and concerns by texting 61016.”