TORMENTED residents in Garnethill have been left too scared to take their bins out in the evenings due to a vigorous back garden rat infestation.

Scores of the disease-bearing rodents have weaved their way from a nest in an underground sewer to a garden surface on Buccleuch Street - creating dozens of eyesore burrows on their travels. 

The issue is understood to have been sparked from a collapsed wall within the sink - another word used for sewer - which has allowed the pests to enter the space and expand their burrows even further. 

Glasgow Times:

Ian Khan, who owns the garden where the sewer is situated, says the problem lies within the hands of Scottish Water - who he claims have refused to repair the wall. 

He said: “We got Scottish Water down and opened the stank up to show them what was going on in the garden.

“We were advised that the wall would not be rebuilt by them, due to the fact that I own the property. So, due to the fact that the drain is in my garden they said that they would not be fixing it.”

Furied Mr Khan has called on the water giant to repair the damage, due to the fact that the underground space holds sewage for multiple residents within his block of flats.

Glasgow Times:

The property owner said: “We’ve had pest control come out to take a look at the “Their hands are tied because they can’t fix the wall. They’re only here to try to get rid of them but they can’t because the wall is what is allowing the rats in in the first place. If it isn’t fixed, they’ll just keep coming back.

“Roughly, there is around 25 people using this drain. When Scottish Water came out to see me, they literally told me ‘it’s your drain, do what you like with it’.

“How is it my drain if so many people are using it? 

“I was also told that if the drain was about six inches away then they would have fixed it. 

“We’ve had issues in the past with the drain and Scottish Water happily came out to fix it then, so what is the difference now that it needs a new wall?”

Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, the 59-year-old is concerned that rats will continue to target the area for feeding and breeding due to the fact that restaurants in the city centre remain closed. 

Glasgow Times:

He said: “Due to restaurants currently being shut in the city centre at the moment, they have moved their way up to Garnethill to feed and to breed.
“When I go out to the bins I just have to be careful because I can hear them. For that reason, I certainly don’t want to go into the garden or take my bins out at night  - it isn’t pleasant.”

Mr Khan has warned that if the issue is not resolved soon, it could remain in the area for life. 

“If we can’t get this problem sorted I think they will be here for life. 

“And, of course, it will spread even further and to other areas. 

“It is unacceptable that this has become an issue in the first place.”

Glasgow Times:

The cause of the damage to the wall is currently unknown. 

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “Scottish Water attended several weeks ago and, although we established that the defective manhole is on private property and so the responsibility of the property owner, we cleared a blockage there.

“We will attend again to carry out further checks and establish if there is anything else we can do to help, but would stress that this is a matter for the property owner.

“We would also point out that a manhole, whether defective or not, may not be the source of a rat infestation issue and that such infestation issues are a matter for the property owner and/or the environmental health department of the local authority.”