THE CAMPAIGN to elect Glasgow’s new Depute Lord Provost continues as voting will now be carried out via a postal ballot.

There are now two candidates nominated for the role, Labour’s Maureen Burke and Green councillor Christy Mearns.

Glasgow Times: Christy MearnsChristy Mearns

Both councillors had the opportunity to tell members why they should be elected during the full council meeting yesterday morning.

Labour councillor Maureen Burke spoke first. She said: “I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I can bring to the role of Depute Lord Provost and how I can support the Bailies, councillors and the city’s other ancient institutions.

“The issue I am most passionate about is making sure all my efforts are put into representing the views of the North East of the city. This could hugely benefit the civic role.

“While supporting the Lord Provost and Bailies, connecting communities to life and work of the council via the role of the DLP giving the people we represent a say in the global events hosted in our city.”

Councillor Burke said she wanted to support all members of this chamber to become advocates for COP26 in their communities. 

She praised Lord Provost Philip Braat for his efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Bailie Christy Mearns thanked colleagues for giving her the opportunity to seek election to be the next Depute Lord Provost.

Glasgow Times: Maureen BurkeMaureen Burke

She said: “People do make Glasgow and we have often heard that they are some of the friendliest out there which is so true.

“I feel that it isn’t always obvious what goes on in the civic arena of the council and there are many misconception on the roles it embodies.

“I have seen first hand how it can build on valuable relationships at home and across borders to include everyone in the life of the city.

“It’s partly why I am putting myself forward today. If successful I would like to build on this and make it more accessible to more people and I believe I can do this.

“I am looking to bring a fresh perspective and reach out to new audiences. Coming from one of the smaller parties on the council I believe I can help bring balance to our outward facing roles.

“I want the role to benefit more people and I think it can. It has already been a pleasure to work with Philip Braat and I would be pleased to work constructively with all parties. 

“It would truly be an honour to work with you all and to serve alongside my ward colleague the Lord Provost as his and your Depute Lord Provost.”

The decision of the postal vote will be announced at the next 
full council or city administration committee.