ONE of the problems is that council bin men don’t collect the bins from some backcourts due to their so-called health and safety (Glasgow City Council agency cost trebles, April 1).

So they use agency staff to get the bins and put them on to the pavement. Now either they make the access to bin areas more safe so the unions don’t crack up, or they think, “well, let’s get agency staff who have no union and won’t give us a headache over the slightest thing and an excuse not to collect bins.”

I would say overall it’s cheaper to use the agency, not more expensive, as they don’t have to use them when it’s not necessary.

My solution would be to privatise the service the same as commercial bin collections, as the private companies do a wonderful job. Sumo for instance is fantastic.

Grey bags for general waste and orange bags for recycling. Works perfectly! If it didn’t then you just contract another company.

John Galt

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STEVE Clarke (inset) always appears to come across as being his own man, and as such, I hope he has the courage to play Kieran Tierney at left-back, as part of a back four (Arsenal star Kieran Tierney Scotland’s top man in three positions, and all in the one night, Glasgow Times online).

This will obviously mean that Andy Robertson will have to settle for a place on the bench and probably have to lose the captaincy.

If not, trying to accommodate the two of them may be his undoing, as we know he prefers a back

four and trying to tweak things to facilitate the two will backfire when up against better opposition, as it will cause an imbalance in the formation.

Those old enough to remember the 1974 World Cup finals will recall Danny McGrain (the best right-back in the world at the time!) being switched to left-back, to accommodate Sandy Jardine and I reckon it cost them progressing to the next stage.

While the late Sandy was an excellent player and great servant to Rangers, I believe that they should have played McGrain at right-back and Willie Donachie at left-back, who was playing in the top flight of English football for Manchester City at the time, but it’s almost like they had to find a place for at least one Rangers player in the team, so Sandy got the nod.

Andy Robertson is a great player but Tierney is better, and when Liam Cooper of Leeds United is fit, he should partner Grant Hanley, meaning one has to drop out.

Jack Jones

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I THINK that the leaders’ debate and the fallout from it shows that the SNP/Alba are currently out of touch with the Scottish electorate by pushing for independence during the War with the Pandemic.

Why can’t they realise that the Scottish people are more interested in winning the war than the divisive indy debate?

The country’s debates should be about the economy, NHS, education, child poverty and homelessness for starters. Maybe addressing the Brexit problems our industries are experiencing three months after that divorce.

Can I suggest that this issue be put on the back burner for five to 10 years?


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