PARTS of a decapitated deer were reportedly found stuffed in an Asda bag in a pond. 

Police are investigating the grim discovery, made by Annmarie Curry at the frog pond in Cornelia Street in Motherwell. 

The 35-year-old's three German Shepards sniffed out the remains and pulled the bag from the water on Sunday, March 28, the Daily Record reports (WARNING: Graphic images). 

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She told the paper: We were down and my three dogs were away playing at the pond. They seemed distracted by something and wouldn't come back so I went down after them.

"One of my dogs started pulling an Asda bag out of the water. I thought it was just a bag of rubbish but when I pulled it, I saw all the fur.

"I burst out crying - initially I thought it was a dog.

"Then I recognised the leg of a deer and emptied the bag out. There were internal organs, four legs and the torso.

It was at that point I realised the head was missing.

"A pair of blue gloves were also stuffed inside the bag. They had obviously used them and put them in the bag.

"They hadn't even tied the bag before throwing it into the pond."

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Deer poaching is a criminal offence in Scotland and police are investigating the find. 

A spokeswoman for the force said: "Around 10.20am on Sunday, March 28, we received a report of a bag containing animal remains near the frog pond on Cornelia Street in Motherwell.

“Enquires are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”