A POPULAR nightclub has warned it would not survive further lockdown restrictions.

Firewater is calling on punters to help the Sauchiehall Street business stay open.

Director Pat Hynes said: “Sadly there has been no revenue. It has gotten to a point where we have had to made a decision to potentially save the club.

“We have had one, two, three lockdowns. So this could happen again and if it were to happen there sadly wouldn’t be a Firewater.”

The bar will be launching a Crowdfunder at noon on Saturday in a “desperate” effort to keep doors open once Covid-19 restrictions end.

In an effort to raise £40,000, supporters will be rewarded with ‘I saved Firewater 2021’ merchandise and a chance to join a loyalty programme.

The funds will also help Firewater keep on its 40 employees.

Mr Hynes, whose father opened the venue almost 20 year ago, said: “It is dire and it is desperate. We could end up with nothing

“This crowdfunder will just ensure we will make it through this dark, dark period and hopefully get Glasgow back in here again.”

Fears for the future of the venue comes ahead of a “monumental” anniversary of Firewater.

“It is quite monumental in quite a drastic way that on our historic 20th year we are sitting in this period of dark unknown, not knowing if we are going to make it out,” the director of the club added.

However, he hopes the support of Glasgow could make it “quite special” as the fundraiser allows them to “be a part of the story that brought this bar to 20 years”.

The pandemic is not the only hit taken by the bar in recent years.

With the Glasgow School of Art fire restricting parts of Sauchiehall Street for months in 2018, the director added that it was “already getting difficult on this street”.

“We have had a tough old time on Sauchiehall Street,” he added, “We are all hanging on hoping we can make it through.”

The bar had even revamped its premises to reopen in the autumn of 2020, but only managed to stay open for a few weeks before restrictions on serving alcohol were placed on Glasgow in October.

They only opened for 30% capacity and “spent a lot of money to get to that point”.

Mr Hynes added: “It was a very short run,The alcohol stopped and, of course, it didn’t last very long.”

He does, however, remain hopeful they can get through “this final stumbling block”.

“It has been hard but I can feel that we are almost there.”

The crowdfunded will launch HERE at 12pm today.