IT’S the government which is preventing our nightclubs from opening, so the government should get their hands in their pockets, pronto (‘Enough is enough’: Owners plea for support for ‘drowning’ nightclub industry, Friday).

We have a moral obligation to our children to make sure they have a nightclub scene to return to when this is all over.

It’s the young team who are sacrificing the most, Covid isn’t killing them, the least they deserve is our respect.

Long live the Sub Club.

Buddy Watson

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DOUBTLESS, there will be litter left everywhere by idiots who have no respect for the countryside, and cars again will be parked without consideration for others (Loch Lomond car park full within hours of Covid rules changing, Glasgow Times online).

This country needs discipline again, to show people respect is not an entitlement, it is earned. People need to realise they cannot just do what they want, wherever they want.

The SNP have eroded discipline and morals in Scotland. They’ve done severe damage to the health and education sectors.

Colin MacEwan

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THE only way to shut up ignorant pundits like Jason Cundy is for Scottish teams to compete on the European stage and progress to the later stages of the competitions on a regular basis – over the last three seasons Gers have proved it is possible despite the funding gap compared to the big five leagues (Ex-Rangers ace Charlie Adam rips into ‘clueless’ Celtic critics over Eddie Howe Premier League claims, Glasgow Times online).

Until that happens the standard of our leagues will be questioned.

The key difference for Rangers and Celtic is the pressure to win every game every week, where even a draw is a disaster – a lot of managers who are successful at other clubs will struggle in that atmosphere.

Eddie Howe is a good manager whose teams play good football but managing Bournemouth is nothing compared with the pressure of managing Rangers or Celtic – time will tell if he can handle that pressure – should be an interesting season ahead.

James Wilson

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I DREAD to see the scenes at Kelvingrove Park this weekend when all the youngsters decide to pack it out due a rare glimmer of sunshine.

They make it a no-go with their anti-social behaviour. I feel sorry for the police officers who have to face a torrent of abuse as they deal with the mass gatherings.

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