I have donated, a good cause (Beatson begins fundraising £100,000 for new MRI scanner, April 3).

However, why is something so essential having to be part funded by charity donations? Ditto hospices who rely on donations for 50% of their income? Any politician care to explain this?

Ian Davidson

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WHAT an incredible football life Morgaro Gomis of Falkirk has had! He should write a book of his travels and experiences as I’m sure it would go down well with all real football fans.



THE bill isn’t taking away the right to protest (People attend Kill the Bill solidarity protest in Glasgow, April 3). It is being put in place to prevent disruptive and destructive protests, such as the appalling and outrageous one in Bristol recently.

Whoever made the placard saying they stand in solidarity with the Bristol protests needs to have a word with themselves. Nothing condones the destruction of property or personal injury to people trying to do a job.

I doubt 99% of those attending have actually seen the content of the proposed bill.

Colin MacEwan

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THERE are so many people who work hard behind the scene who deserve praise (Calls for pay rise for ‘invisible army’ janitors keeping schools running during pandemic, April 3). The NHS weren’t the only folks who worked hard in the last year. The list, including delivery drivers, storeworkers and cemetery workers, goes on and on. They all deserve and I am sure they have our thanks.

Anne McCurley

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I THINK it’s about time the deprived areas of Glasgow receive decent playparks (Nicola Sturgeon promises fund to renew every playpark in Scotland, April 3)

If you go to any playparks in Giffnock, Newton Mearns or any of the other leafy suburbs in Glasgow, you’ll find playparks with swings and roundabouts that are accessible for disabled children, but head to more deprived areas of Glasgow and you’ll find broken swings and run-down equipment. It’s a shame for these areas and their children that are discriminated against.

Dan Ferguson

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YET another uncosted bottomless pit of imaginary money election promise.

Thomas Wilson

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