We've taken a trip down memory lane and have decided to revisit some of the best days of our childhood. 

Feeling nostalgic, we have cast our minds back to the days of school dinners. 

From spaghetti pie to caramel cake and sprinkle cake, the old-school recipes have our tastebuds reminiscing of days gone by. 

We asked Glaswegians to join us on our stir-up of school dinner memories by asking what items you miss the most.

Here's how Glasgow answered...

1. Caramel cake

Glasgow Times:

An overwhelming response of Glaswegians said their favourite school dinner meal was caramel cake with custard. The pastry-based desert with chocolate sprinkles holds a slice of all of our childhood memories... perfect with a wee bit of custard. 

2. Cheese and spaghetti pie

The perfect combination of pizza and spaghetti, the cheese and pasta pie was revealed as Glasgow favourite savoury meal with scores of people reminiscing on the comforting dish.  

3. Coconut sponge

Glasgow Times:

You'd be absolutely buzzing when you realised this was for dessert on a Tuesday afternoon. The light, fluffy cake packed with jam was also best served with a generous serving of custard. 

4. Sprinkle cake

Glasgow Times:

We missed this so much, we even made a batch of our own!

5. Fish and chip Fridays

Glasgow Times:

The best part about the school week was fish and chip Fridays. We can still smell the canteen staff preparing this dish in the morning.

6. Chocolate fudge cake

Glasgow Times:

I can agree with Glasgow on this one. Iced with a thick, fudgy frosting and sliced into squares, this was a personal favourite. 

7. Mince and tatties 

Glasgow Times:

No matter how old you are, a portion of mince and tatties always brings a bit of comfort. Glaswegians revealed that they loved to wash it down with a carton of milk.