DEAR Janice, I bumped into my gay friend George, and as I hadn’t seen him in ages, he reminded me that it was my turn to have him round for dinner. This was fine and I was looking forward to it until he took his face mask off. He has big, long, ugly dark hairs growing out of his nose, and I know for a fact that I couldn’t eat a bite with those hairs staring at me across the dining table...

What can I do? I can’t uninvite him and I can’t ask him to wear his mask throughout dinner? Sheena.

Dear Sheena, this is a tricky one. It’s a delicate subject to bring up with the poor guy without upsetting him, and obviously, he looks in the mirror and doesn’t see the offending nose hairs that everyone else can see.

Tell him this dinner is a great opportunity for you both to razzle-dazzle yourselves up, shave your armpits, hairy legs, trim your eyebrows, and in his case nose and ear hair too, in fact all unwanted hair! Crack a joke of it and say that after all this effort you probably won’t recognise each other ha ha ha!

However, if he turns up and the offending hairs are still in situ, then perhaps you could position the dining table seats so that he is to the side of you and not full frontal.

If all else fails and you can’t eat a bite then just drink wine and enjoy a full English the next morning.

Dear Janice. I have been seeing this guy for a few months now for walks, and in between we set times to call each other – but on every single occasion, without fail, he is late. I can be left standing in the freezing cold for up to half an hour or checking my phone continually only to be disappointed that he is late yet again. When he does finally arrive, he just laughs and says, “what’s the big deal, I’m here now aren’t I?”

I do like him, but this annoying trait makes my blood boil. Any advice on how to get him to turn up when he says he will? Emma.

Dear Emma, this guy is either delusional or truly arrogant if he believes that he really is somebody worth waiting for.

Circumstances dictate that everyone can be late now and then, but there is no reasonable explanation for his habitual tardy behaviour.

Varying personality types means that some people perceive the passage of time differently. Some will be so engrossed in an activity they lose track of time, and some are so task-driven that if they have a spare 10 minutes, then they need to use that time constructively, which ironically often then makes them late!

My friend’s partner admitted he was deliberately late as he preferred her to be there first waiting on him. What does that tell you?

You could play him at his own game, but you might end up like me and my ex-husband. We had agreed that whoever was home first had to start cooking dinner. He stayed at work till he thought I was home, and I did the same. 9pm and still no aroma of food, and I’ve a feeling that the same scenario would be played out by both of you. Next time give him the courtesy of waiting 10 minutes and then disappear. The penny might then drop, so give him a second chance. After that, it’s ciao baby.

Emma, if your blood is boiling at this early stage in your relationship then close this door and open another for someone who is willing to wait for you.

Dear Janice, my wife regularly calls psychic helplines and it’s costing a small fortune. She had a bit of a breakdown last year and says that these calls give her hope and happiness, but she literally hangs on their every word. It’s not just the cost of the calls, I’m worried about her mental health and don’t think these people are the answer, but what is? Danny.

Dear Danny, this is a delicate situation as it sounds like your wife is vulnerable and is obviously seeking comfort, hope and assurance of some kind for her future. Over the years I’ve tried them all – tarot card readings, psychic mediums, clairvoyants, angel card readings, crystal energy readings, spiritual guidance, palm readings – but I looked on them as a night out and a bit of harmless fun. Believe me, some of the readings were pretty grim, so I’m glad I didn’t look on them as gospel.

Let’s be realistic: people who have happy, well-rounded lives rarely feel the need to seek out advice from such sources. Only when people are unhappy do they seek hope and guidance, but sadly, many do hang on to every word and their need for affirmations of a better life becomes a way of life.

Being in a state of depression can push people in directions they would never normally consider, therefore I would suggest your wife visits her GP to begin with. I would have a chat with her closest friends to see if they can shed any light on what is really troubling her, and why these psychic helplines have become her source of escapism. Good luck.

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