A young girl in Glasgow has penned concerns about dog poo in her area to a city councillor. 

Caris, aged five, has asked her local Labour representative, Councillor Malcolm Cunning, to step in and ask residents to pick up their dog's waste. 

And, she asked for the Labour group leader to condemn the form of littering via radio. 

Cllr Cunning shared the letter on Twitter this afternoon.

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It reads: "Dear city council I want you to say on the radio and say to the world no more dog poo anywhere, please.

“Pick up your dog poo!

“Thank you!”

Humbled Mr Cunning said: "This morning I received a lovely letter from one of my younger constituents, Caris aged five.

"I think we should all listen to Caris."

Multiple residents have reshared the Tweet with one saying: "Wise words we should all heed!"

Another added: "Spot on from Caris."

"If only everyone would do what Caris says", said another.