OUTRAGED schoolkids are to hold a protest today against plans to introduce end of year assessments. 

Youngsters are to descend on George Square to voice their anger amid claims promises have been broken by education chiefs. 

Thousands of teenagers have signed an online petition calling for the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) to withdraw proposals for “final assessments”, which they say amount to little more than exams.

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The Scottish Government confirmed in December these would not take place for Higher or Advanced Higher pupils due to the ongoing pandemic 

One of the protest's organisers Rauf Ali, a student at Hillhead High, said: “We were told they would be gathering evidence throughout the year for our final grade but when we got back to school after lockdown the SQA said they were sending papers to each school for our final grade. 

“It means the work many of us have done all year round is going to be completely ignored. 

“There’s suddenly so much we have to study in a short space of time and if we fail, we fail.”

It’s the second school year running in which Glasgow teenagers have protested against the SQA with the East End’s Erin Bleakley leading a charge last summer which ultimately saw the Scottish Government reverse a decision to adjust grades based on postcodes. 

Unlike in 2020, however, each school has been given the freedom to choose how it grades pupils.

This means not every Glasgow education hub will hold end of year assessments while others will adapt them to meet their pupils' needs. 

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“It’s difficult to study at home,” Rauf, 17, added. “It’s unfair to students and we have just been lied to.” 

An SQA spokesman said: “We fully appreciate that this is an anxious time for young people across Scotland, after a challenging year.

“Following the cancellation of exams by the Scottish Government, this year’s alternative certification model has been co-created by the National Qualifications Group with representation from across the education system, including parents and learners.

“The Group has been clear that there is no requirement to replicate a full formal exam or prelim diet this year.

“SQA has provided a flexible and consistent framework for schools and colleges this year, including detailed guidance, material and support, based on assessment standards that teachers and lecturers are familiar with.

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"We have also reduced the amount of evidence required, given the disruption to learning.

"The quality of evidence is important, rather than quantity, to ensure confidence in our qualifications system.

“Schools and colleges know their learners best, so it is appropriate that they deliver assessments which suit their circumstances, in discussion with parents, carers and learners. Local and national quality assurance of the evidence will help deliver fairness to learners.”

A GCC spokeswoman said: “Our schools are doing all that they can to make sure our young people are given the proper support and encouragement.

“There’s no one size fits all and it’s about targeting the needs of the young people and schools deciding what suits their school communities best.”

To view the petition, visit: https://tinyurl.com/fe82w998

The socially distanced protest will take place at 2pm.