A KEEN walker is aiming to trek 1000 miles across the UK to raise money for charity in memory of his wife.

David Spencer, 69, will walk from Glasgow to Bedford in southern England to raise money for charity after his wife, Maureen, passed away from lung cancer in 2019.

David said: "My wife, Maureen, passed away around two years ago and I wanted to help raise money in her honour and also all the close family and friends I've lost to cancer over the years.

"I love walking and have done a lot while in lockdown, but nothing to the extent which I'm trying for the challenge.

Glasgow Times: Pic: Gordon TerrisPic: Gordon Terris

"Walking in lockdown has really increased my confidence and given me the push to do the 1000 mile walk.

"I've not done anything much outside my local area so travelling this distance will be a challenge but I'm looking forward to getting started.

David, from Rutherglen, will set off from his home on April 26, when coronavirus restrictions are eased, with the round trip, which will also take him through Cardiff and Essex, expected to take 8 weeks.

Glasgow Times: David and his wife, Maureen. David and his wife, Maureen.

He said: "There was just way too much stuff for me to just take a backpack and sleep in B&B's or hotels, so I decided to organise the motorhome to come with me.

"There are a few people who are willing to drive to certain drop off points, so the motorhome will give me somewhere to stay and be able to hold all the stuff I'm bringing with me."

Glasgow Times: Pic: Gordon TerrisPic: Gordon Terris

David has already launched his fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, which has already gained support from friends and family, with nearly £4000 already raised.

He said: "The reaction from people has been great so far.

"I have family in Cardiff, Essex and Bedford, which is why I'm walking to these places, and there have been fundraising sheets going around those communities too and people have been so generous.

"It's a horrible thing, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been affected by cancer, either through a family member or friend, and people are so generous when it comes to donating to a cause like this."

To donate to David's fundraiser for Cancer Research UK, you can visit his fundraising page here.