IT’S a relief to finally have hairdressers open again.

It’s been far too long and unfair on these businesses.

I can’t wait to go to my local barber shop for a trim.

I truly hope we can have some degree of normality back by July.

We can’t all keep wishing the year away until the date on the roadmap out of this hell.

Will Davidson

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I NOTE the council providing a much-reduced level of service as libraries, museums, sports centres and swimming pools have been closed for over a year. I pay full council tax but I haven’t had a discount for this reduced service.

The new charging for the bulk uplift service is a complete shambles leading to an increase in fly-tipping. I have no doubt the president of Cop26 Alok Sharma will be looking at the city’s cleanliness with interest.

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AS a member of the Strathclyde Pension Fund, I was interested to read in the Glasgow Times that Glasgow City Council has voted to stop investing in fossil fuels.

All eyes will be on the city in November, and this development means that Glasgow retains its credibility as a city that is working to meet its carbon reduction targets. But the time frame for

dis-investment is all important, and needs to be sooner than 2029.

Remembering David Attenborough’s recent warning that what happens this year represents our last chance to save the planet, it simply cannot come too soon. According to Client Earth there are currently 220 international law suits in progress against fossil fuel companies for their activities worldwide.

Insurances around drilling activities are becoming more difficult and expensive, cleaner and cheaper energies are coming on stream and public opinion is changing.

The risks of assets in the oil and gas sector being stranded are becoming ever greater. As with the asbestos and tobacco industries before, it is now becoming clear that fossil fuel companies have been aware for decades that their activities were leading to problems with the climate, and have been engaging in a series of tactics to hide this reality.

They now face a rocky future, and it seems the council’s decision couldn’t be more timely, both in terms of ethical and financial considerations.

Geraldine Clayton


I THINK Nicola Sturgeon should have stepped in to cancel the elections. This is the last thing the country needs currently.

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